About BliSS

We are BlissDesigners store.

BlissDesigners handmade jewels,sandals and accessories!

Hi, there!

My name is Eftichia Balli. I am the owner of the BlissDesigners store.

Born in Thessaloniki, the second child of a family of five, having two brothers…
Very early in my childhood my parents noticed that I had an aptitude for using my hands to create “arts and crafts”! I really enjoyed playing for hours with the world’s cheapest plasticine… this modeling clay was nothing else but flour and water mixed together giving shape to whatever I had in my mind!
When I finished high school, I decided to study jewelry construction and design in a faculty. I also attended seminar classes on various relevant techniques, among which I loved beading the most.
After that, I started working on this field.
One day, I went for a walk with my two brothers, Yianni and Michali to Monastiraki, a flea market neighborhood in the old town of Athens, Greece. There, I noticed a shop that manufactured Greek leather sandals and went in straight away. The moment I held that pair of sandals in my hands felt like magic! If you believe that Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life, then call me that!

From that day on, I started working on leather sandals, decorating them with all kinds of material from semi-precious stones to lace, feathers etc. And this inclination does not stop here. I move on with hats and who knows what comes next!

That is briefly my story…

I feel really happy and motivated when people love and enjoy my creations! I hope you do, too!


Eftichia Ballis

Founder & CEO